Lillooet to Whistler Recurring Apparition

Lillooet to Whistler recurring Apparition
We were driving heading to Vancouver and we stopped in Lillooet to let my dog out to go to the bathroom, grab some snacks etc… As we were pulling out the sun had just set over the mountain so it was starting to get dark, we saw 2 grown men dressed as boy scouts, one carrying a guitar case and one with a suitcase, they were hitchhikers. I took note and pointed it out to my mom, we laughed it off as it was really weird. So we kept driving then all the sudden about half way between Lillooet and Pemberton we see them again, NO one had passed us. My dog was on my lap and she seemed un-easy, both me and my mom got very spooked but we tried to brush it off, until again we had passed through Pemberton and were just on the outskirts of Whistler and there they were again.. NO one had passed us. This was the last time we saw them but they were the exact same men, and my dog was super uneasy by this point.
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