Burns Lake

Burns Lake

I was surfing my computer on that afternoon when in the kitchen next to me, I heard a double click; all of a sudden something came whizzing by my head, and drop to the ground. I thought at first it was a bull-dog clip from one of my bags came undone, but on further investigation, I had no bags or clips near the kitchen at that time. I further investigated and found a round ball-point pen on the floor and that was what was fired past me. The next day another incident happened while sitting and surfing my computer. An empty tuna can came plopping down on the floor 4 feet ahead of me to the left. It was a tuna can that I dumped in the garbage the night before. I first heard a slight shuffle then "plop" was the sound of the can hitting the floor.

This witness has numerous experiences all around BC:

I first encountered a typewriter that typed sounds with no one touching the keys. This happened in Vancouver in 1992 on Marine Drive and Cambie. Sounds of full scale typing would occur from time to time while the typewriter sat on a fixture in the corner of a room. The typewriter was purchased from a resident of a rest home near where my girl friend **** and I lived. The sounds were only noticeable in the evening when I am sitting at my desk 8 feet away. Occasionally when the typewriter was firing away, I would sneak up to it and say" stop it!" It would stop and would start up again if I sat down.

In 1994 I moved to Trail, B.C. I purchased a commercial building that was a restaurant prior, and was later converted into an apartment. I slept in the apartment where the customers used to eat their meals. One night I woke up to the appearance of a shrouded figure holding a hand gun pointing at me. At the sight of this figure, I sat up and reached for his gun. All of a sudden the brown shrouded figure went "poof" and started to smoke up from the bottom of his shroud and completely disintegrated in a cloud of smoke. Later that week I met up with a customer of mine who said" oh I heard you bought that restaurant in Montrose". Of which I replied, "yes" and promptly asked "do you know anything about it?" The customer then replied " the owner of that restaurant, shot himself". I remember once I heard a loud "bang" inside the restaurant/apartment. On investigating I could not find anything that fell or could have caused the bang. I later rented the upstairs and the tenants said they were awoken to a loud bang one night from an unknown cause. I also met up with customer " Cindy" that informed me that the building I purchased was the most haunted building she has ever encountered. I never questioned her about her experiences with it.

I once had to have my electrical heating system repaired in the basement. I called up this repairman to have a look at it. People told me he was very reliable and reasonable. He told me that he would have a look at it and tell me whether what needs to be done, the cost etc. He said he'll lock up the room after he was finished. I didn't hear from him all day. When I arrived home after work, I found all the lights on, the door to the basement wide open. It appeared that something caused him to leave in a hurry. He never did answer as to why he never finished his job or why left in such a hurry.

In 2002 I moved to Quesnel, and rented home owned by the local veterinarian. The vet's mother used to owned the home but died a year before and left the home for her son to dispose of. When I first entered the home I could smell paint, artist paint. It was a strong, pungent odour, but tolerable. It had 3 bedrooms, the far one down the hall was where the lady that died, slept. I remember on entrance to that room I occasionally smelled an old Yardley cologne or perfume smell. Not a bad smell but not a recent type of fragrance.

The room was noticeably cooler at all times. The vet had left all his mother's furniture intact and just rented the home together with the furniture. One morning, I was sitting at the kitchen/dining area having breakfast. As I was about to reach for a egg I prepared, a stream of billowing smoke appeared between my stomach and the dining table. I stared at it, and as quick as it appeared, it vanished in a flash. One day as I sat quietly in the living quarters, the linoleum floor started to make a "clicking" sound. It clicked relentlessly for about 4 to 5 minutes then stopped. I never heard that sound again except for 30 to 40 seconds one day shortly after the first incidence. On a couple occasions while I was in the bathroom, I heard a voice called out " yahoo.." Once the furnace fired up while the temperature was about 25 to 30 degree Centigrade.


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