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Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada (PSICAN)– A Canadian Based Educational Organization.  A coverall umbrella group dedicated to the research, study and exploration of topics considered to be “paranormal” within Canada.  We are pleased to have many of the country’s top researchers and investigators as part of our team either directly or through affiliates.

The Ontario Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society

The Quebec Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society

Related “Sister Sites” or Hosted on our Servers

Para-Researchers PSICAN Group Member

ParaResearchers of Quebec Researchers and investigators studying in particular, UFO, ghosts, and cryptozoology.  PSICAN Group Member

Fort George Ghost Tours Great Tours of Niagara’s Most Haunted Fort!

Muddy York – Walking Tours of Haunted Toronto Ghost Walks in Haunted Toronto!

Allan Mills Paranormal Reporter and Author

Oakville Walks Haunted Walks of Downtown Oakville, Ontario

CPRI Virginia Ghosts

Other Links

Maritime Paranormal “Maritime Paranormal consists of a diverse group of individuals residing in the Maritime & Atlantic Provinces who seek to explain or corroborate reports of ostensible paranormal phenomena by means of thorough documentation. Our minds, ears, and eyes are open to anyone who would like to share their story.”

The Shadows ProjectWe are a group of individuals with a desire to learn and understand the experiences that we and others consider paranormal. Throughout the years we have visited popular locations with urban legends surrounding them and have been invited into people’s homes where reports of hauntings occur.  These are our Expeditions into the Unknown.The Expeditions page contains our documented evidence and findings of all our investigations.

Dorah L Williams, Canadian Author of ‘Haunted’ and ‘Haunted Too’ Incredible true stories of ghostly encounters.

BC Society for Skeptical Enquiry – We offer you help in satisfying your curiosity about paranormal or occult claims. If you have questions, someone in these groups will be glad to offer assistance to you, and to provide a bibliography for further research. If you require further information, we have access to experts in other Canadian groups, and in similar groups in the United States, and worldwide.

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