Hazelton Street Private Residence

Hazelton Street, Prince George

I live in Prince George. I was working for Telus at the time as an I&R (Installation and Repair Technician). I had received a trouble ticket to an old apartment/housing complex at **** Hazelton Street (right beside the Fraser River). (Use Google street view to see what the building looks like).

I entered the building and talked to the customer, their phone was dead, upon doing some basic troubleshooting I realized I needed to get to the demarcation point which I determined was probably in the basement of the building (most common location). I was told that the land lord could give me access. The place itself is a ****hole, it is low income housing or something. The landlord lived around back and I went around and talked to him, and he agreed to let me into the basement, and we walked across the parking lot and down some steps. He unlocked the door and showed me where the demarcation point was, I looked around and noticed the lumber in the basement was unplanned and looked to be very old. I asked him how old this place was as it didn't seem to code (electrically) and he said it was built in 1909 and used to be a sawmill (or the very first sawmill) in Prince George.

The demarcation point was on a vertical beam (it's a r66 block) and I looked beside the block and on a little ledge where a bunch of Telus phone tools, some bix-clips, some nice Klein needle nose and there was something else but I can't remember what it was. I was like 'score!' because I had lost my needle-nose about a few months ago so I decided to pocket them. My back was turned away from the landlord who I thought was in the basement with me, I was talking to him asking him questions about his phone service when I didn't get a response, at this point I realized he left and I was there alone. 

I was doing my thing, splicing the customers phone line onto a new pair when I suddenly got thrown off my feet and pushed (from the back forward) into the vertical post where the r66 block was. I looked around and didn't see anything, there was some plumbing pipes around my head and some storage boxes / furniture but I didn't see anything. I was a bit uncomfortable but I kept on working and had just finished putting the last splice on the line when I got pushed into the post again. It left a small bruise on my upper shoulder. I was scared. I grabbed my stuff and ran.

I went to the front of the building and saw the customer and said their line was fixed and I was about run to my truck when I saw the cleaning lady, she noticed that I was upset and asked me what happened, I told her and her reply was 'Thank God, now I know I'm not crazy'.

She proceeds to tell me how she was cleaning one of the units with her daughter and they where talking through an open door, then the door slammed shut and something pinned her to the ground.

She also mentioned that tenants had left the apartment buildings because taps would turn on and off by themselves.

I became unglued at this point and took the rest of the day off.

I never went back there again, I saw multiple tickets pop up for that address and I just let other technicians take them.

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