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About the British Columbia Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society

Established in 2000, we are the only web-based group of its kind in BC. We work with other GHRS groups as well as work under the Umbrella Group, PSICAN (Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada).  Our core members are all volunteers who have studied the manual and who have successfully passed the "Exam".  We have found the exam to be a necessary recruitment tool as it reveals people who share the same ethics and beliefs that we try to adhere to.

We see ourselves as looking into the history, legends, myths, folklore and first hand accounts of the paranormal in British Columbia. We are not "ghost hunters" or "ghost busters" but simply telling a good story. Hopefully one you've shared with us!  We do, however, go out on investigations to get our researcher's own "first hand accounts" and we do TRY to provide an amateur scientific look into the paranormal but we do not see ourselves as pure "scientists" or "professionals" or even "experts". We must qualify ourselves as amateurs on all accounts… granted, amateurs TRYING to do good work and we do try and do our homework.   Our volunteers are "self-starters" in that they do not need to wait for the entire group to be available to go on investigations.  In fact, investigating is but a small part of what we do.  Our volunteer members are encouraged to create their own studies, experiments and research and present it to the groups to be published on the website.  We believe in sharing information, which is why everything on this site is FREE.  We just ask that when using information from our pages that you reference the source and provide a link to the article.



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