What Is Bs Business Administration Major in Marketing

A Bachelor of Business Administration is the more comprehensive of the two degrees and focuses on developing a range of professional skills that students can use throughout their careers in a variety of industries and situations. Major areas of study include project management, critical thinking, and leadership. In the Business Administration Marketing major, you will learn to explore markets and understand consumer behavior, develop and maintain high-value products and services for customers, use analytical methods for marketing decisions, and deliver and communicate them through digital and traditional channels. The program emphasizes digital marketing and analytics in its courses. All students in the marketing option complete their studies with a live marketing project through our marketing workshop. Our marketing department is among the best in the country, based on scientific research and brings cutting-edge knowledge to the classroom to give you a competitive edge in the market. With a 32% increase in study rates for bachelor`s degrees in economics* between the 2004-2005 and 2014-2015 school years, it is not surprising that interest in this field of study is so great. But as more and more students begin to explore business opportunities, the question arises, “Which business degree is right for me?” The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines marketing as “the activity, the set of institutions and processes of creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offers that have value for customers, customers, partners and society as a whole”. With a BBA in Marketing, you`re ready to help businesses improve their messaging in today`s crowded and noisy marketplace. You can earn a degree in online marketing through Davenport`s revolutionary global campus or take your business and marketing degree programs at the Davenport campus in Grand Rapids. Using both tracks, or a mix of both, you`ll learn from Davenport instructors who bring the experience of their marketing careers to the classroom. A degree in Marketing provides students with a solid understanding of business activities under the umbrella of marketing – from identifying and selecting target markets, to developing, pricing, placing and promoting goods and services, to managing relationships between business partners and their customers.

ACES100 – This course introduces the skills required to succeed in university and introduces students to career planning and development. Students assess their skills and interests to develop career goals and align those goals with an appropriate curriculum. Through a career research project, students are introduced to research techniques. Students also improve the academic skills required to pass an academic thesis, such as critical thinking, learning techniques, and testing strategies. In addition, students are introduced to the important dynamics of interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. The course also directs students to the university, Davenport University`s System of Excellence, and other elements of the Davenport program. (This course is required for all new business and technology students, except those transferring with 30 or more semester credits.) Students working towards a business degree gain skills that enable them: The Department of Marketing strongly recommends that their majors choose one of the courses in each category below if they meet their GE requirements. Marketing is a vast field that includes a number of important activities for all types of national and international businesses.

Students gain quantitative and qualitative research and analysis skills to help companies better understand consumers, competitors, and markets, developing effective strategies to identify, serve, and maintain excellent relationships with their customers. Students also gain an understanding of how brand success can be managed with the consistent integration of products and services. their sale and distribution through multiple channels; Marketing communication programs, including advertising and promotions using traditional and digital media; and an effective pricing policy. In the BSBA Marketing option, there is enough flexibility for students to take courses in areas of interest in addition to marketing. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reports** that bachelor`s degrees in economics were the most frequently awarded in 2015, with more than 363,000 students. However, this figure takes into account related degrees such as business administration, management, and marketing. To help you determine the field of study you want to pursue, we`ll focus on the similarities and differences between a marketing degree and a business administration degree – two popular topics offered by many colleges. Choose one of our two marketing specializations that best suits your interests and goals for your marketing career: digital marketing and marketing promotion or technology. Become the marketing professionals companies are looking for to make their messages heard with a bachelor`s degree in marketing accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Due to the broader orientation of a general degree in business administration, graduates have the working knowledge to enter a variety of business environments. However, business degrees often allow students to choose a specialization, which gives them additional insight into a particular field of business and possibly a competitive advantage based on their career goals. Typical specializations include finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and project management.

With a broad business knowledge base and expertise in analyzing a market, a business degree can lead to career opportunities in the private and public business sectors, government positions, or the opportunity to start a personal business. In a survey of NACE members, 59.7% said they would be willing to hire a candidate with a degree in business administration. MKTG322 – This course provides an overview of online marketing strategies and techniques. Key topics include operating in a global market, online marketing for individuals with personalization services, traffic creation and branding. Prerequisites: CISP111 and MKTG211 Other employment options can be found in investment banking, small business management or by completing a master`s degree….