Trail Journal Entry 8

Father Jim came over to the house on Valentine’s Day last February. Jim brought his holy water, which Wes told me after that it was not the stuff Father Jim blessed himself; it was from the head church, Lourdes. My husband was brought up Catholic, so he knows a bit about this kind of thing, I know nothing. To be honest I didn’t even really believe any of that sort of thing worked, I thought it was a bunch of hocus-pocus frankly but like I said before I really didn’t know what else to do and thought what could it hurt? Wes, the kids and I were all there and Jim did his praying stuff and had me follow him from room to room while he blessed the house. I also had him bless the tool shed where we sit often. This takes me back to the 25 minutes before Father Jim was to show up at the house and what happened in the tool shed.

It was about 3pm and I went into the shed to have a smoke before Jim came. I had the local rock station playing on the radio, Judas Priest was playing. I realized that the CBC News was on and wanted to catch it so I flicked the button to the CBC station. It is a couple minutes after three so the news was already on at least it was supposed to be. Instead, I am standing there staring at the radio. Playing on the station was Journeys, Don’t Stop Believing, right at the beginning of the song; it was supposed to be the news. I am just standing there, wondering, what the hell?  I stood there staring at the radio and listening to probably the first six lines of the song. I look, yup CBC, so I click it back to the local rock station, Judas Priest was still playing, flicked it right back to CBC and it was in the middle of the news. CBC wasn’t the one playing that Journey song, it was him, he knew what was going to happen, the message was loud and clear to me. Don’t stop believing. I sat down, looked around and said how can I not believe? I think he was okay with what was going to happen, I figured he heard us talking about it. I went back into the house to tell Wes what had just happened and wait for Father Jim.

 Jim did his thing with me following him through the house. I asked him to bless the tool shed and when we were in there I told about what had happened before he came over. He looked at me with a questioning look; I knew he wanted to know what Journey song it was. So, I told him, he laughed and nodded. Jim thought that was good. We both thought it was a good message. As he was leaving with Valentines cookies in hand he told me when I needed him again just let him know, he would be happy to come back. Not if, when, I thought that was interesting.

After Jim left, I went back into the house. Wes, my teenage son and I were standing in the kitchen talking. My face started to hurt. It was weird. It felt like I was getting a facelift. My skin was pulling back hard and so tight against my face that I was holding it and telling my husband that my face hurt, it felt like it was being pulled really tight. I was starting to feel a little panicked because I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. The sensation didn’t last long, I sure wasn’t expecting that and then I noticed something else. It was quiet. The air in the house was quiet; it didn’t sound or feel static anymore. I notice stuff like that, with the air, when it’s different. Same thing with water, I can smell and taste the chemicals so I refuse to drink tap water. I mentioned the air difference to Wes but he said he couldn’t tell things like that like I can. I also told Father Jim,  he knows about this stuff, I can see it in his eyes and face. He knows more than he’s telling me, I know that too.

Why did that green energy guy keep coming back? Why was he so interested in me? What was he doing to me while I slept, was he putting me asleep, was he getting into my head when I was sleeping? What was he? Was he the same guy that had been hanging around, who I knew was in the house? No, I think they were two separate entities. The guy in the house with us isn’t afraid of us, we all got use to each other living together. I believe he was waking me up because the other was there or coming. I feel a little bad about sending him off but I also knew I couldn’t do one without doing the other. I think he understood that. I rather miss him; I don’t have anyone to talk to now when I am here all day by myself.  Somewhat funny to feel that way about this I guess.

I have lots of questions and few answers and no one who can really tell me anything. I have not been able to find anything on the internet or through Father Jim, that describes even closely what my husband Wes and I have witnessed.  From what I know and have seen and experienced my whole life, I do believe we are energy. Our bodies die but we don’t. I do not believe there is a heaven or hell nor do I believe there is a god. There is something, it’s just not like that, it’s different.  It was one of those life changing moments and I wish others could experience it. I am not afraid, I believe and I feel free.






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