Langley Haunting

Langley Haunting
When I was about ten years old I went with my mom over to her friend's house. She had just met her when we moved to Langley and she had a son who was only a year older than me. Coincidentally we went to the same elementary school and recognized each other. Everything was fine the whole day and then towards bed time the adults went downstairs, the little boy was asleep in his room (I can't remember his name) and we were watching a movie in the living room. All of a sudden the room got very cold (it was also summer time) so Chris got us some blankets and turned up the heat. About half way into the movie we were still freezing cold. I looked down the hallway from where I was sitting on the couch and I could see the little boy's room door was about half open. Chris noticed I was looking down that way and said "he's afraid of the dark". The room was dark, the hall light was on but I for some reason just kept staring at that room. All of a sudden the door closed. Not slamming or even shutting quickly, it just closed. I pulled the blanket up to my face and told Chris that the door had just closed. He said "yeah only his room does that". He went and opened the door and checked to make sure all the windows were closed and that there were no doors open. Sure enough everything was closed and locked up.
At about 10 pm we started hearing this rattle. So we looked up and sure enough we found were the sound was coming from. There was this hand carved hollow wooden snake above the living room hanging off of some nails. It was just rattling and rattling, shaking more and more. We started screaming. Our moms came barreling through the basement door and we ran to them crying and pointing at the snake which had then stopped. We didn't even get to say what had happened before Chris' mom started yelling "you leave these kids alone do you hear me!" I looked at my mom just wide eyed with my jaw dropped open. She knew? Sure enough my mom said "what the hell was that about?" then his mom pulled up the area rug in the living room and what I saw really frightened me. There was a huge pentacle on the living room floor. It was burned right into the hard wood and where all the points of the stars were it looked like wax had been there from candles. The pentacle was faded but still very visible. Chris' mom said that carpet was there when she looked at the place and when she moved in. She said the day she moved in that she moved the carpet to discover the pentacle and that the landlord was supposed to be replacing the floor (as if he didn't know it was there). I was reading on these things and I can't find anything evil about them.
But why was there candle wax from candles on the points of the star? Why was the snake ratting and why did the door shut with no explanations. If they aren't meant to mean any harm then why was there activity in the house? There was nothing to make that snake move, no trains, no loud music, nothing. What it did was unexplainable and the fact that his mom knew something had happened without even asking really scared me. Me and my mom NEVER went back to that house again.

Editor's Note:  The BCGHRS do not consider spiritual or religious icons or figures to be "evil".  This haunting event appears to be one of a poltergeist nature and not harmful in any way. 


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