Langley Private Residence

Langley – Private Residence

I would never have thought that I would ever see a ghost. I did and I was awake although in bed.

It was Halloween in Langley BC. We had been at a friend's house and were invited to stay overnight in their bed and they would take the spare bedroom. I went to bed early but couldn't sleep. From where I lay I could see everyone getting ready for bed. My husband joined me and our host went to bed like I said. Most of the lights went out and there I still lay with eyes wide open .  I looked out into the hall which was back lighted and saw the figure of a man standing at our doorway with his hands on his hips just looking at me looking at him. Then he turned and leaned into the spare bedroom and went inside. He was kind of transparent and I kept blinking my eyes because I wanted to bring him in focus. And didn't of course. The next morning I queried my hosts as to who also stayed overnight. No one did. The funny thing is I forgot about the incident, until my host reminded me weeks later. Can't figure out why I had forgotten. She told me her husband had been acting strangely and would put his hands on his hips and start yelling at her. She thought maybe he was possessed. I don't know anything about all of this ..only what I saw seemed to me to be a genuine ghost. My biggest question to you is does any of this seem familiar?.. this the way these sighting go?  A quick appearance and gone…….. and why did I forget about it. Not like me at all.

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