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Agassiz Private Residence

This is a true story from my youth. I used to life in Agassiz BC when I was a child, we lived in a very old house, probably built in the late 1800's, but I am not writing about our house, I am writing about an experience that happened while I lived in that house. When I was about 8 or 9 yrs old (late 70's), there was a tragic accident that happened.

It was a wintry night, the roads were very icy. A young mother was taking her son to a hockey practice in Hope BC, and on their way home, the Mother lost control of her car on black ice, careened off the highway, went down a steep embankment and ended up landing on railroad tracks. A short while later, a train came by and ran over the car, completely destroying it and the two people inside.

Against the family's wishes, the local newspaper, the Agassiz Advance, published photos of the wreckage, which will remain in my mind forever. I unfortunately do not know who the family was, but the memory is still very clear. Now, this woman and her son that died had a husband and another son. That husband lived in their house for a little while, but sold the house and moved on. The house was bought and sold a couple more times before my mother's best friend bought it. The house is near the Agassiz Elementary School.

I was now a teenager and Anne (name changed to protect privacy) had her children come and stay with her on weekends, she quite often would invite me over to keep them entertained, or to babysit them if she wanted to go out with my mom.

Now, I personally never experienced anything happening in the house, other than fear from the stories I did hear.

Anne constantly had strange things happening. The cupboard doors in the kitchen would open and then slam shut on their own, but one of the more troublesome was the doors to the house would be wide open when Anne would come home from work on a regular basis. (She lived alone)

One day she had asked a co-worker over for supper, gave her directions to the house and said that if she wasn't home yet to just wait in the driveway in her car. This lady did just that, and while she was sitting there ,she saw a lady in the front window putting a record on the record player. She got out of her car and knocked on the door, no answer, so she went back to her car, soon after Anne drove up and the co-worker told Anne her story. Anne wasn't particularly surprised and informed the co-worker this was her resident ghost with a chuckle.
Anne also experienced sickness, much like the other people that had occupied the house, for the lady who had the house before Anne, she got so sick she had to sell the house and leave. Anne would often be sick.

Now, Anne made me swear on my life to not tell her children anything for fear they wouldn't want to come and visit her, so I said nothing to them, but I was terrified to stay there and would 'see' things just out of plain fear.

One night my Mom was staying over with Anne and one of the neighbors had come over to say that they were having a 'letting go' party for the woman who had lived in that house, and that they were invited to come if they wanted, but they decided to stay home.

It was later on that night, I think around 10 or so, that my Mom from her vantage point on the couch saw a bright light on the wall in the hallway.  She and Anne both got up to investigate. This light was about 1" in diameter and it was at first moving very slowly all over the wall, there was nothing that could explain this rationally. They watched that light for about 20 minutes and it got smaller and smaller and moved quicker and quicker until it got to a pinpoint and disappeared.

The next day, the neighbor came over to tell them of how the party went and how they all had held hands and prayed for their departed friend and for each other as they had all had a very hard time to let her go when she had died about 7 years before that.

After this the hauntings abruptly ended and Anne finally got a good nights rest.

Just thought you might enjoy a story of a haunted house that is no longer a haunted house.

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