Agassiz Private Residence


Agassiz Private Residence

My daughter and I felt as if someone was in the house. She was playing a word game on the computer and thought I was still standing behind her as she felt a presence. She came tearing out of her room and there was a definite cold spot in the hallway. This was our one and only cold spot experience. She has now left home but every now and then I see the outline of a very tall person only in shadow (no features) pass by my bedroom. Turn the head as if to check that someone is there. I get the distinct impression that this person is looking for her.

This is not the first time that strange things have happened in our home. This is not a constant thing. It's as though every now and again this entity says "hey I'm still around". We have always been able to sense when there is a troubling time with someone in the family. I had a piece of jewelry go missing one time and finally forgot about it as I thought I would eventually find it. One day I opened the drawer for T shirts and tops and there in the middle of the pile was my ring. Things are always going missing and turning up again in exactly thesame spot that I looked at several times before.

I never feel threatened by this, just a little unease. It's as though we have a jokester in the house that likes keeping us on our toes. When he is around (I call this person Charlie) I just tell him to get lost that I can't deal with him right now. He goes and I don't see him for a while. It's quiet for a few months and then he comes back for the odd visit.



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