Trail Journal Entry 1

I have always been a little different, for as long as I can remember. I grew up with the nickname Radar, not very flattering for a girl if you ask me. I could see and hear things that others could not, know things that would happen ahead of time, many things like that. My grandfather said I was special like his Mom and Aunt but I always felt like a freak. I still do really. I am almost 47 years old and I still feel like a freak at times. I find that statement rather humorous, but it is what it is and I am okay with that. The last four years have been life changing for me, the last two years even more life changing for me, not in a religious or spiritual way, I am neither, but just life changing in general. I have been left with too many questions and not enough answers and I am on the search for knowledge.


I am not much of a writer but I try to be quite detailed when I talk about my experiences with my immediate family and very close friends. I have never told anyone outside of these people these things, especially strangers. This takes me back to my age of almost 47. I think it’s about time I start talking about this to others, not only will this be like therapy for me, it might help others to believe and to question, if nothing else, help open someone’s mind just a wee bit more. I would just like to note that I have been psychologically tested three times in my life and I am completely normal. My last testing was with the Canadian Military and they were quite excited about me but that is another story all together.


I do not write in any kind of style, I just write. I will not be sharing the best one first. That one experience alone has changed me forever, it would I imagine, change anyone.


One night in December at about 2:30am, a noise woke me up. I laid there listening to the quiet sounds of the house. Nothing, just the sound of the clock ticking in the dining room. I decided to get up and head to the bathroom, which was the next room down the hall. I tried to slip out of bed quietly so that I would not wake my husband, as he had to get up early the next morning for work.


I went out the bedroom door leaving it open just a bit behind me and walked about four steps to the bathroom door. One hinge on the door is damaged so it does not stay all the way open and makes a creepy creaking sound as it swings open and shut. I carefully push open the door and flick on the light, quickly closing the door leaving it an inch or so open so that the light is not blaring into the hallway. I do not like closing the bathroom or bedroom doors, faster and easier to get out of a room if the door is open or ajar. That door needs to be fixed it is too loud.


So I sit down to do my thing and all of a sudden, I hear footsteps walking from the bedroom, which I just came from, to a step or two past the bathroom door. I wait and listen thinking that I must have disturbed my husband and he went into the kitchen to get a drink of water, which often he does. Funny, I do not hear anything from the kitchen. Nothing, just the sound of the clock in the dining room ticking … and snoring. Wait a minute, snoring?

I realize at that moment I can hear my hubby lightly snoring away in the bedroom. I look at the bathroom door. Someone followed me from the bedroom, what the heck? I just heard someone walk from the bedroom to the bathroom while I was sitting here. I finish what I was doing, keeping my eyes on the door. Stand up, put lid down quietly, and flush. No, wait. Do not flush. I will not be able to hear what is going on here if I do that. I am standing there, facing the bathroom door, listening and thinking. What should I do? I figure I cannot stand here in the bathroom the rest of the night staring at the door and I might as well open it and see who is out there. I listen. Nothing, just the sound of the clock in the dining room ticking, and snoring.


I grab the doorknob and wing the door open. Nothing. I step out into the hallway and look to my right towards the kitchen. Nothing. Look to my left towards the bedroom. Again nothing. Intuition tells me however, that someone is there, I can feel him but I cannot see him. The hair on the back of my neck is tingling. I flick off the bathroom light leaving the door to swing to its usual, almost closed position, making that creepy creaking sound as I make my way rather hastily back into bed, under the covers next to my still lightly snoring husband. I lay facing my open bedroom door, watching down the hallway, watching and listening. Nothing, just the sound of the clock in the dining room ticking.

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