Surrey – Sullivan Area Farmhouse

 Surrey - Sullivan Area Farmhouse  My daughters and I lived on a small farm in Sullivan just the three of us the very first night staying in the home there was a feeling of not being alone. All the televisions would turn on and off randomly we would hear people talking upstairs while we were downtairs and vice versa.  Doors to the basement would open and close without anyone being there. But that was the least of it. One morning while my daughters and I were having breakfast, our kitchen cupboard flew open and one large plastic salad tossing bowl flew out across our table past all three of us hitting the wall beside the table.  It scared us so badly!! We were not able to move at the time because we had horses. I decided to research the house and find out why this is happening.  All I found was that back when my home was built, the Sullivan train station was a working train stop and my home had something to do with the folks that worked there.  We found very old milking machine parts around the property and other artifacts that we thought may have brought some sort of energy there but never came up with anything substantial. Another strange thing is my horses would just go crazy every night around the same time.  We installed lighting to see if anything was bothering them.  My dog would refuse to go out back at night. I know there was something or someone was always there! When we did move I always drive by regularly and noticed people moved in and out so fast which was the case before we moved in and stayed for yrs.  Now the house is torn down and there is a town home complex built on the farm.  *Edited for clarity 

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