Pitt Meadows Private Residence

Pitt Meadows Private Residence

My parents moved us into this older home and my Dad took it down and renovated it, I was a baby and they fixed up my room first and that is when I met "Jack" who was a man who came out of my closet at night or sometimes during the day to play with me. For the longest time he played nicely with me and I had fun, one night though, he came out and started to be mean and scare me, that was the last night I was ever in my bedroom. From that point on the rest of my family started to see apparitions of people. my sister had a lady in her room , we used to see him go down the halls at night. The smell of what can only be described as death would fill random rooms at random times. and cold spots throughout the house, my family always felt like they were being watched. this was in 1994.



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