Pitt Polder

Pitt Polder, Pitt Meadows
I had been to a party at
this spot in the mid 80's and felt like I was
being watched. In 1988, my boyfriend and I were
outside our vehicle when we felt this sudden,
intense rush of negative energy. I felt that
there were 3 demons (it felt so nauseatingly
evil) that wanted to extinguish my immortal
soul. My boyfriend also felt the presence and
we ran to our vehicle to escape (without
communication between us). I was surprised the
vehicle started the presence was so
overwhelming, negative and powerful. For days
after the experience, there seemed to be a
residual presence on my vehicle. I HAVE NEVER
BEEN BACK. No one could convince me to go back
to the crossroads, as it is called. I have had
other communications with spirits, seen ghosts,
but never anything so completely evil feeling.
I saw nothing, only felt the presence that time.

witness hypothesis: I have spoken to many people
about this. Many people from my adolescence
have been to that spot, none have reported
feeling watched or anything else. Because I had
felt watched, I had visited that spot in
daylight hours to look around. It is in the
middle of nowhere, there was nothing there. The
next time I visited that spot at night was when
I got the rush of negative energy. Maybe it was telling me to leave?



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