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I have been searching with my girlfriend for a group that is into researching the paranormal. We are both interested in learning more about it. But I have been doing a lot of research lately as my girlfriend and me have been having very strange stuff happening in her apartment.

Before I met her she claimed that cutlery or objects moved, sometimes right in front of her. Sounds of talking, whistling, knocking, doors opening. Lights turning on and off.

I have been sleeping over more and have noticed odd noises, lights turning on and off by themselves, or we are finding stuff on the floor or moved, temperature changes, weird feelings. We tried taking videos to record her place and all we got were lights turning on and off, but we used our cell phones and cameras at full charge and they appear to just die and run out of battery very fast for no reason at random times. (?)

One of our most scariest experiences is at approximately 2:38am in the morning her light Chandelier violently swaying back and forth almost like it had been hit hard by someone. (we came out of the bedroom after hearing the noise) We froze in place scared not knowing what it was. (no windows were open)

I am a bit of a skeptic, and I have tried to debunk or explain these weird experiences. I have debunked some of it finding reasons or explanations for some things happening but others? I'm a little lost. I have had some weird experiences in my life that I cant explain and these experiences with my girlfriend are things I cant explain.


I sent you that original email a couple weeks after we had activity. And since then nothing has happened…until yesterday.

So yesterday night I went over to my girlfriend’s house at approximately 11:20pm. Nothing has happened for a couple weeks so we have been thinking nothing of it just moving on and going about our normal lives. I was in the living room and i walked past her digital picture frame that rotates different pictures that you upload when it just suddenly turned off like the power cut out. I then walked into the bedroom and asked my girlfriend why her picture frame does that, like is it a standby thing and she says "but i never turned it on?" We shrugged it off and she went and took the dog out for a walk. I was lying on the bed in the bedroom watching TV when i heard an odd noise in the living room. I got up in my Pj's and walked into the living room. I saw that the picture frame was on again and after i stared at it turned off again. And that’s when it got weird. All of a sudden (and I can’t fully explain this) It felt like the coldest ice cold chill came from behind me. (Keep in mind no windows are open and its fairly warm in her apartment). I began to feel very emotional. I went from laughing in the bedroom watching tv to all of a sudden i felt sad almost to the point of crying. All of the sudden her TV in the living room starting to rock back and forth and that’s when i saw it. This sounds crazy and probably very silly and I don’t know how to explain it, but a floating shadowy black mist moved from the TV then along the wall past the fireplace. I have to admit i was very scared. I mean I’m a sceptic, I don’t believe in this type of thing and I also try to debunk it, but this i can’t explain. My back ground has been security/ ex-military and my current main job is as a Correctional Officer and a E.R.T. Officer in a maximum security jail. I deal and have dealt with some of the worst baddies in society. But I have to admit I was scared. I was so cold I literally ran out of the apartment. I ran out trying to gather my thoughts when my girlfriend was walking back through the hall asking “what’s wrong?” She said my face was so white and pale like i had seen a ghost. I grabbed her like “There’s something in your apartment!” We walked back and I was very cautious almost tactical when I re entered. I finally calmed down and again just tried to shrug it off as something that i couldn’t explain but I knew there had to be a reason. I’m still trying to figure it out. The weird part is that it felt like I know what was there. Like I don’t know how i know this but i think whatever this entity, spirit or ghost is. I have this odd feeling it is a young female? I know that sounds bizarre and crazy but I just know. It was like the emotion I felt told me when I got ice cold.

So I finally fell asleep late and we both woke up around 8am. I had some of the worst nightmares I have had in years. My girlfriend left at 11:30am for work and I ate some food and was tired and passed out. It was only me and her dog home. I woke up because the dog was cuddled next to me acting odd. When I got up I noticed that every single light in the apartment had been turned on. Remember the picture frame? Well somehow that was on as well. My girlfriend was at work, no one else has access to that apartment or anything.

Here’s where I just can’t figure stuff out for the life of me. Today’s temperature was about 19 degrees. So, pretty warm for Maple Ridge as it has been quite cold lately. After turning all the lights off I got that very ice cold feeling. All of a sudden my cell phone rang. The dog started freaking out and barking and growling at nothing. I looked at the number and it said “2002” and that’s it. Just the numbers “2002” no (604) or anything…So I answered my cell phone with “Hello?” And all I heard was static, like. White noise static? I hung up the phone and tried to call it back with the message “The number you have called does not exist.” What’s Really Odd is that on my phone for the amount of time I answered the cell phone and called back my phone timer (which shows duration of call ) says “ 0 Min, 0 Sec. Which is impossible? Because it times the length of call. I have saved this and will take a picture to document it.

So I ensure ALL lights are off (including the picture frame) and the only light i leave on is for the dog (we put her in the bathroom). So tonight I went to my family’s house in Burnaby for a nice family dinner. I am sitting with my mom, dad, and grandma I get a phone call from my girlfriend asking if I am at her home. I asked why and she said when she pulled up she noticed that the living room and her bedroom lights were on. I know for a fact I turned EVERTHING OFF except the one light. So she gets in the apartment and everything in the apartment is on. Every light and the picture frame is on AGAIN! She said that it was frozen on a picture of me. (odd?) She walks in the bedroom and the tv is on. The only light that was off was the one i had left on for the dog. She said the dog appeared very scared and freaked out. My Girlfriend was scared and I could hear it in her voice. We had been talking for 8-10 minutes when all of a sudden my phone got very staticy and loud. So much so that I had to pull the phone away from my ear and my family heard it sitting next to me. And then my phone just shut off by itself which is weird because It had at least 3 quarters battery. I kept saying hello and pushing buttons but it was dead. Odd for a new phone. All of the sudden the phone screen lights up frozen and I noticed that the call timer was only on “00:13” seconds. But I had been talking to her for 8-10 minutes. I show my parents confused like “What the hell is going on?” So i called her back on my parents home phone and when she answered she said that her phone got staticy and then went to a busy signal and then dead. She said it got very cold when this happened.

Tonight I am working a graveyards shift. I talked to my Girlfriend at approximately 0200 hours. She said she could hear a little girl talking in her hallway. I told her to open the door or grab a recorder but she said she was too scared to do it due to the circumstances lately.

I also found out a bunch of information if she had a past with paranormal experiences which i have l provided below:

My Girlfriends/ Family Experiences

When she lived in Coquitlam at 14 years old she woke up and she heard breathing in her ear and there was a woman with long brown hair, young in a white dress staring at her with her head tilted. she looked alive. My girlfriend got up and she said the entire room went the color red. She closed her eyes screaming and opened them and the woman was gone and everything was back to normal. She also said toys would move or activate by themselves in her room and she would get scared.

When she was 17 years old and when she moved to another place in Coquitlam along the Fraser river. She would hear noises, other kids playing and laughing in her house only to turn around and see nothing. One night she walked into her room and saw a little boy with red hair sleeping and wrapped in a blanket in her bed. She kept blinking her eyes multiple times until finally the boy was gone and nowhere to be found and wasn't in the bed anymore. My Girlfriend said she would see shadows and from underneath the door. Her Dad also would have experiences of people breathing in his ear and apparently he would wake up paralyzed and unable to move when he had breathing in his ear.

When she was 19 years old. Her family then moved to Maple Ridge and she started noticing a "Black hat guy" or "shadowed man with a hat." The shadow of what she believe to be a man with a black hat. She has since seen this man multiple other times.

She then moved to the apartment we are in now which she has been in for 2 years. I have known her since high school but we haven’t dated until recently the past two months when I first started sleeping over at her apartment. Before I dated her as previously mentioned she stated that she would hear whistling in her hallway and apartment. she would hear things moving, or hear things falling on off the shelf. One day in the kitchen right in front of her ex boyfriend and her she saw a knife on the counter move from one side to the other for no reason. There were no windows or anything that would explain this movement as the counter is level and flat.

Her Dad has claimed that he has had many paranormal experiences, when he worked at the Bedford house in Langley, see orbs, movement, what he describes as a "vortex of light" apparitions and weird events. At the Coquitlam house by the Fraser river he said he would hear noises, whistling, and claimed he saw a young boy (which may be the same one my girlfriend saw in her bed) in the house.

He has also stated that he has seen this "Black hat man" and apparition the same one as his daughter ( my girlfriend). Her mom has stated that she has noticed weird things in the kitchen "dishes clanging or falling" and voices when no one was around.

I hope this provides more insight into what has been happening. I will continue to document this on video, recorder, etc. And have already started a long with dates, times and descriptions. I will keep you updated but, do you have any other suggestions for us?

Note: We remain in contact with the witness and will continue to update this report.

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