Chilliwack Private Residence

Chilliwack Private Residence
I just wanted to tell someone that would
believe me although my boyfriend does. I had 6 people in the house at
the time my boyfriend and I got up to change the music in the living
room and right in the middle of the room there was this thing. It
looked like the thing in that movie poltergeist that came down the
stairs.  I was the only one that saw that my boy friend saw that i was
looking at something.  I asked him if he could see it.  He said no.  It
was there for 20 sec the people in the kitchen could have seen it as
my kitchen opens to the living but i know they did not see it. My
boyfriend and I stood there and were talking about what I saw then
this shadow walked right in front of us.  It was taller then my
boyfriend.  It was black, it didnt walk – it moved to the front door and
was gone.  We both saw it clearly; we both knew it was a man.  We didn't
feel the shadow would harm us but the other thing I felt was evil.
Just wanted to know if anyone else has seen something like that. I
have not seen it since but the shadow is still here but I don't feel
it means any harm to me it just feels like someone is always home
when I come home.  Could you tell me what that thing was?

** edited for clarity



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