Trail Journal Entry 6

One night I woke up and rolled over facing away from hubby. I had my eyes open a few seconds and thought I saw a whitish grey shadow go by the side of my bed towards my nightstand. I was tired and cranky and told it, whoever it was, to leave me alone and f*^# off, I know not nice but I was getting so tired of being woken up at all hours of the night, they can be very noisy for dead people sometimes. I then rolled onto my stomach and of course, I woke hubby up talking. He asked what was wrong I said, nothing go back to sleep. I didn’t see any point of bothering him with this especially that time of night.

He snuggled up like he usually does when I am having issues at night, it helps me relax and go back to sleep. I turned back over facing the wall on my side of the bed; we are kind of spooning at this point. Wes and I chatted briefly laying there, about not much really. I was laying there, my eyes open staring into the dark and I saw this neon green, like color of those glow sticks that kids like, reminded me of the green colour of the Northern Lights. It was a roundish shaped thing, not quite a circle as it had a part of it was sticking out around the bottom of it. It was glowing that green glow stick colour and moving slowly from the head of my bed, along the length of it.  It looked like someone had drawn in midair with a green neon highlighter. The outside outline of it was traveling in a clockwise direction. It also had small squiggly glow stick like lines inside of it, dots, squiggles and lines in the centre and the inside part was moving in a counter clockwise direction. I could see through it just fine, inside the outline of it, it wasnt hazy or blacked out.

I wasn’t afraid, I was just so amazed at what I was seeing happening in front of me. I was trying to focus on it, figure out what/who it was and what it was doing and if I could pick anything up about it. I just laid there watching it slowly move from up by my head, down along the side of my bed. The little lines and marks in the middle of it was it looked like it was forming a face inside of the shape. In fact, I was looking at it and thought, that piece looks like a part of an eye and I take a closer look at the other lines and marks as its slowly moving and notice there was another piece in there that looked like another part of an eye. All the while, the bigger outside frame of it was moving the opposite direction as the little pieces or fragments whatever you want to call them, in the centre and changing shape into like a head. It was a freaking face and a head. The outside part was the head and the inside bits were the face features.  It was amazing. I was thinking that I would let it finish doing its thing, forming, as it had stopped moving along the side of the bed and was hovering there beside me. I got one hell of a good look at the whole process.  I have yet to find anyone who has seen what I did that night, what my husband saw that night. Those were the pictures I drew that I showed Father Jim. I keep them in a file.

I was going to say hello to him when he finished forming, I could tell it was a male but I think instead of it freaking me out I freaked it out. He looked little shocked when he realized I was watching him as that’s the expression I caught before he freaked out went poof into himself and disappeared. He expressed a “taken back”, surprised kind of look when he looked right at me and realised I was looking right back at him. It was funny I guess in a way, he was more afraid of me than I was of him. When he disappeared, it was like what you see in the cartoons. You know, when a cartoon person turns on a vacuum cleaner and sucks the scenery into the hose. It was cool and all the colors of blue, green and purple I saw when he was sucked into it were well, cool.  I wish I knew what scientific term, if there is any of what that was called, it would be easier to describe, and I did draw that too. He was sucked backwards into this, round hole looking thing, like a vacuum.

I have never ever seen the full green glowing thing like that before. I have seen the flash of colors like those that I said above upon waking in the middle of the night and just thought that I had been dreaming. I am pretty sure I have seen this before as a kid but again, thought it was a dream. I have even got up and walked around at night wondering what the flash of light was I saw when a noise woke me up, it looked like electricity flashes and I was worried about a fire and would get up to check things out. I have been asleep on the couch and a noise woke me and when I opened my eyes there was a flash of light, blue, green and purple light and I thought it was the TV that was still on or a dream. I finally got to see it fully, that was like the coolest thing ever.

My husband Wes saw the same thing a couple minutes after I did. He came back. I don’t think he realized Wes was awake, I believe he was too busy focusing on me. This is why I brought up the possibility of them being able to put you to sleep in an earlier reflection. After he disappeared, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I wasn’t sleeping, I was fighting it, but my eyes felt like lead and I couldn’t keep them open, I could stay awake, I just couldn’t open my eyes. If this happened to you, would you have been able to just close your eyes and possibly go back to sleep right away? No one I know would, including me. This is why I think they are able, whomever they are; to make your eyes stay shut and or put you to/back to sleep.

While my eyes were shut, Wes had heard something, it sounded like electricity or like static, he said. Sound familiar? I talked about that sound in a previous reflection. He said he opened his eyes a bit and saw the same neon green glowing shape thing I did; he couldn’t quite tell what it was forming into but thought it looked like a big eye. Wes also got the impression that it was startled to see him looking at it even though it hadn’t formed a face like what it did with me. It had gone as I said, poof into itself and gone, he said. Like being sucked up into a hole. Wes said right when it disappeared to me, did you see that? I didn’t as my eyes were closed and I couldn’t open them and told him no go to sleep. So, I know he saw it too. I think that is amazing. I don’t like the feeling of being forced to sleep however.

We didn’t discuss it until morning, but it was pretty much the same thing we both saw only I saw the whole process, from beginning to end. He didn’t feel any fear or anything either he said. More like curiosity like I mentioned. I don’t think we are supposed to see those, I really don’t.  That’s when I paid a visit to Father Jim a couple days later.

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