Burns Lake Private Residence

Burns Lake private residence

When we first moved in the house, just a little after my mother in law passed away, we experienced at first faint voices. I remember my mother in law at the time (she was still with us at that point) had told us she had seen ghosts and heard things. As time went by we heard more noises then stuff began to move around. Then we would start seeing figures standing there and the physical stuff started happening. A cup was thrown at my head, I was pulled out of our bed, and our cat was dragged by its tail right in front of us. We started seeing black figures of people or their shadows above us or on the wall hearing running down the hallway down the stairs. When I was outside waiting for my girlfriend because we were heading out to go to a movie, I saw something huge and black run by downstairs. I froze and slowly went in to check on her. She was downstairs staring into the dark and she doesn’t remember going down there. When I was downstairs once I heard a huffing and puffing from the end of the room right to my ear and felt the breath. It scared the hell out of me. Our neighbours would see our door opening and closing. Our guests would see something run by them and it even greeted my girlfriend and my brother.  At one time a presence would talk to our daughter.   The one experience that got to us was when something ran into our room screaming and stomping on the floor and shaking our bed. It seemed like it wanted to hurt us by running towards us. This made us up and leave that house.  We never went back. As we drove by it my daughter looked at the house said look our house and she said he’s still there waving and waving me to come back. We sped away as fast as we can. That’s all I got to say with words but words can never express what we went through.

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