New Westminster Experiences

New Westminster Experiences


My story happened in New Westminster back in 2003. I moved into apartment 8 in a building on the corner of Agnes and 8th I believe it was. The building seemed old to me, so I asked the landlord it's age and he informed me that it was at least 80 years old. There was even a phone nook built into my living room wall, that's how old it was.

I never felt welcome in my apartment, it was like I was entering someone elses place and had no business being in there. but because I was going through a very rough period in my life, I didn't really think about it much.

It was July and very hot that year, I was on the second floor and I can still remember pushing up the old wood framed windows to get some air in there as the building was so old that there was no air conditioning in the place. All the windows were in the livingroom and dining room, my bedroom was off the corner of the livingroom and had no windows what-so-ever, which you can imagine was extremely spooky to me, especially as I was single at that time. To remedy that problem I always turned my hall light on and left my bedroom door open a crack so that I wouldn't be in complete darkness when in bed.

One night I had gone to bed and fell asleep pretty easily for once (as I said, it was a rough period in my life and as a result I had alot of trouble falling asleep most nights) I have no idea what time of night it was, but I was startled awake by the sound of my apartment door being kicked extremely hard and loud man sized footsteps coming down the hall toward my bedroom. My first instinct (Stupid as it sounds) was to try to jump out of bed and see what was going on. For some reason I couldn't move though and that scared me more than anything. I recall my heart pounding so hard in my chest that it heard. The footsteps abruptly stopped and for some reason I looked at my doorway and in the light I could see a black human shape whom I imediatly knew was a man looking in at me. I felt like he was angry at me for some unknown reason (Maybe I was living in his house?) I think there was the shape of a fedora on his head as well but that little detail may just be a figment of my imagination
because I don't remember that for sure. Anyway I was so scared that I squeezed my eyes shut like a little girl and pulled my blankets over my head shaking but still unable to move other than to pull that blanket up.

The next thing I remember was waking up at about 10 am the next morning the sun was pouring into my bedroom through the window across the livingroom from my open doorway and the room was very cool, not cold but cooler than it should have been. When I stepped into the livingroom it was walking into an oven, the heatwave was still in full force. I immediatly went an checked my door, fully expecting it to be in pieces in the apartment building hallway and there was no damage at all.I don't know what that was about and all though I still didn't feel welcome in that place, nothing quite that dramatic ever happened again.

Another day (I can't remember anymore whether it was before or after the previously mentioned incident)I came home from a date and found an enormous puddle of water all over the middle of my livingroom hardwood floor, couch, and an upholstered trunk I was using as a coffee table. I had to walk down to the Columbia Skytrain station in the middle of the night and use the payphone to call my date's mom for help as I had no towels accept my bath one to clean it up. She called my landlord for me and he came to check it out while we mopped. He went to the third floor to check it out and that apartment was completely dry. No real explanation as to where that water came from.

Another thing that happened was I had a badly wired lamp that on occasion needed rewiring as the wires would come loose. I fixed it one day and plugged it in and wouldn't you know it I got a zap on the hand, a loud bang and the lights went out on the kitchen part of my apartment "Dang it! I blew the breaker," I thought. so down to the Columbia Skytrain payphone I went again and called my landlord who sent over maitenance as I couldn't get my breaker to go on. He came over messed with the box and on came the power again. accept one of the plug in's never worked again and it wasn't even the one I plugged the lamp in. The maintenance guy was stumped as well. I wonder if that plug in works yet.

I moved out Halloween of that year (3 months later) for reasons that had nothing to do with my experiences in that apartment.

What a different atmosphere in my new place, it was so much lighter in there. It wasn't until I moved out of that apartment, that I realized how badly depressed I was when I was in that place. I had good reason to be, but not this extreme. in the 3 months I was there, I had gone down to 104 lbs from 135 and I felt like I was living in a world of darkness even on the brightest sunny day. After I moved I was still depressed for personal reasons, but it was NOTHING like when I was in Apartment 8 on the corner of Agnes and 8th in New Westminster.


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