Bradner Road Abbotsford

Hello, I’m currently at work on Bradner Rd in Abbotsford BC. I have been told about a ghost who is in the home in which I’m working at… I’m a support worker for adults with special needs…anyway… I have worked here for over a year and never seen or heard  anything….then today around 4pmish… I started to hear a sound like someone coloring on a wall downstairs… I checked the basement…nothing or no one was found…I came back upstairs and the noise continued… I called another care home and had one of the other employees come to check it out…nothing….then about 40mins after he left the noise started again… it is now 8:20pm and I haven't heard anything…. there is an old well in the basement.. And I understand water carries ghost's… I think someone needs to do a lil ghost hunting here!!!

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