Strawberry Heights Private Residence

Strawberry Heights, Kamloops
My young daughter age 5 woke up in the middle of the night crying out to me. I went to her room to get her and she said 'Mom make her stop yelling.' I asked who is yelling at her. She said 'A women is yelling – here in my room.' I asked whether the woman was yelling at her. She said "no she is just yelling and is mad about something". I brought my daughter back to my bed and turned out the light trying to get her to go back to sleep. She said "mom make her stop. She's still yelling." and she pointed directly above us. " She's right there, can't you see her?" I couldn't see her or hear her, but this disturbed me greatly and I believe that my daughter was seeing and hearing a female ghost. I turned on the light and read a children's book to her until she fell asleep. My heart was pounding as this seemed very real, that there was something else in my room. Later on I did a smudging and clearing of the house.



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