Braid Street Skytrain Station

Braid Street Skytrain

Hello, I would like to share an encounter I had once during the first week or so of the new Skytrain Millennium line opening.  Since I work downtown, I transit in via Skytrain from Surrey and return.  During the first week from the opening of the new Skytrain line going to Braid I got on to the wrong train. After years of going to and from Surrey I forgot that every other train went to Braid and not Surrey. I was reading my book before I realized that I got onto the wrong train.  Feeling pretty stupid and a bit agitated because I wanted to get home – it was cold out and dark (winter).

I got off at Braid and had to walk around to the other side on the station to catch the Skytrain back to New West. Other people going to Braid emptied the Skytrain too but only one other person, an Asian man and myself transferred to the other side of the station. Once on the other platform the oriental man and I waited for the train – he went to the back of the platform and I went to the front.  When the train came into the station and I approached the Skytrain door and through the window I noticed that there was a man sitting on the train on left side next to the window, facing frontward. I walked onto the train and saw him again at the corner of my eye. I did not want to look at him directly because I was the only other person on that train and it was all ready dark out. Within a couple of seconds of sitting down beside the door I realized that this was the end of the line and that this train was sitting outside of the station – no one should be on that train besides me. When I turned around to look at where that man was sitting – no one was there! There was no way anyone could have quickly gotten off of that train because I was sitting right beside the door.

I can't remember precisely what he was wearing, but he was in his thirties or early forties, 5'11 or 6' in height, wearing a short sleeve light colour shirt, possibly a T-shirt and blue jeans. It was winter time so the short sleeve shirt was a bit out of place. His was sitting up straight with his legs open and his hands on his knees – facing completely forward.  I didn't feel uncomfortable – just surprised and in disbelief.  I'm curious to know what happened to this man and where his was going.

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