Kelowna Ghosts

Kelowna Ghosts

I stumbled upon your web site and have a somewhat of an interesting story.  When I was a child my mother use to tell me this story about her hearing a ghost when she was a child (1940's) growing up in Kelowna, BC.

She used to tell me that she use to go to piano lessons at a old home a few miles from her house.  She would bike there.  She told me of this very long” driveway" at the house that had tall trees on either side, so it was like it was like a "tunnel".  When she got to the beginning of the driveway she would stop and look down the "driveway” She was very frightened.  Then she would pedal as fast as she could down this "driveway" towards the house and about half way down she would always hear what she thought was horses pulling a carriage, following behind her.

     My mom would talk about this story quite often.  She would always tell her mom (my grandmother) that she was scared to go.  My grandmother always thought it was a story to get out of going to piano lessons.  Well, last year, I happened to purchase a book about Ghost Stories in British Columbia.

(I'm not sure of the precise name of it…I think my mom has it now) Low and behold the story about the horses and carriage at a home in Kelowna was init.  My mom was nearly in tears and was so elated when I got her to read it.

She took it to my Grandmother and read it to her.  My grandmother was surprised and realized that she wasn't trying to get out of her piano lessons (haha) the house is still standing in Kelowna along with the long tunnel like driveway.  restaurant.  We went there last year an walked down the "driveway" of which is now considered the delivery restaurant.  This was in the middle of the day when we went.  We did not hear anything and my mom would not go too far down the driveway.  She said that when she went to piano lessons it was at dusk and I asked her to come that night, but she refused.  I haven't been back since, but I am going to go this summer and see for my self.  This was such a poignant "family" story.  One short note, when I was there and I walked down the driveway, it was kind of spooky, I think just because of the "story".

It was very cold in the "driveway" but I concluded that the coldness came from the lack of sunlight because of the huge trees on either side making it tunnel like.  The story that is told about the horses and carriage is that there was a party at this home many years ago and the carriage was going to this party, but never made it due to an accident.  I don't know if that is true.

I am wondering if you have herd of what I have told you and if you have, if you have the story behind this.

Thank you for your time.

 Note: This is likely the Guisachan House, built in the early 1890s.  The site is now the Guisachan Heritage Park.  Details of this can be found in Robert Belyk's Ghosts II.



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