Copper Creek Ranch

Copper Creek Ranch

When I was very young my grandparents owned a ranch just outside of Cache Creek.  The ranch was huge with massive amounts of property, and most parts were very uninviting.  There were places that when you rode the horses to, they would freak out and run the other way, with no explanation.  The story I'm about to tell spanned over a three night stay at the ranch.  The first seemed really normal; I did as I usually did and visited all the animals.  My mothers horse Red acted rather stranger than normal.  He was always kind and gentle to me but that day he wouldn'tt come to me.  So I went to visit the bull.  I loved watching him and he was always so calm but that day he was being incredibly uncontrollable so I decided not to.  They had an old farm house and it made a lot of noise.  I always thought it would crumble underneath me if I walked too hard.  The rest of that day was the same, until that night.

I awoke in the middle of the night in a strange way; it was like I couldn't control what I was doing.  I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the bunk house.  On top of the bunk house there was a strange figure.  Oddly I wasn't scared.  My brother came and sat beside me.  He too began staring at the bunk house and asked me if I could see that (the figure).  We sat there for what seemed to be forever and eventually the figure disappeared.  My brother told me not to tell anyone because they would not believe us.  So I didn't.  The next day the animals were still acting weird and even my grandpa didn't know why.  The three of us – my grandpa, my brother and I started to saddle the horses so we could go to the end of the field to turn on the water (this is just after sun set) but as we were just about to put the saddles on they were all freaking out.  So we decide to drive the truck. 

That night was unforgettable.  as we pulled up to the end of the pipe my brother nudge me to look out the window.  There walking towards us was a figure which looked like my father but as it came closer I could see it was far from.  My brother asked my grandpa if he could see it.  The words that came from my grandpa's mouth haunted me "I see him every night".  The closer this figure came it was slowly disappearing.  On the way back to the farm house my grandpa told us we must not speak of what happens on the farm. 

That night I saw the figure again.  This time it was closer to the house standing maybe 20 feet from the front door.  This time I was scared, and I couldn't explain why before it felt peaceful. 

The next day as I played by the garden, I thought I saw my brother walking around to the back of the house.  So I followed when I came around the corner there was no one, the storm doors to the basement were open and unlocked, and they weren't like that before.  My brother came up behind me and asked me how I opened them and I said it wasn't me.  Both of us became so scared we didn't no what to do we convince my grandparents to call our parents to come and get us.  They lived in Chilliwack so it would take until the next day for them to actually get there. 

I awoke in the middle of the night once again I couldn't control what I was doing I walked down the stairs and in the family room I could smell smoke ..  I ran to my grandparents room and woke them up my grandpa ran around trying to see where the smoke was coming from.  He ran outside and saw smoke coming from the storm doors that were once again locked.  My grandpa tried to put the fire out with help from my brother with no success.  The house was gone with no explanation.  But I know it was that figure and when I tried to say something about it my grandma told it was my eyes playing tricks on me and my grandpa said we don't talk about those kind of things.

None of us really talked about what happens those few days and after awhile I just thought it was a bad dream.  Until my brother asked me if I remember it.  How could you forget something like that?

(edited for clarity)

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