Georgia Street Private Residence

Georgia Street – Private residence

This report comes to us as part of an ongoing investigation and research endeavour. These events are reported as constant, occurring on a daily basis and continuing to this day.

– Name being called from other room

– Shadows seen on a wall where there shouldn’t have been any ( no light source to reflect a shadow)

– Woman seen on staircase leading to the second floor where in-laws live

– Man seen and felt in the hallway outside the bedroom

– A face seen coming out of the wall in the washroom while taking a bath

– Door leading into the garage heard being opened and closed, followed by footsteps in the hallway

– Mother in law heard deceased grandmother calling her from the kitchen upstairs.

– Husband ran into a man coming out of the washroom late one night, “man” turned away from him and walked into the laundry room next door, husband followed, nothing found, no window opened.

– Friend ‘ sat ‘ on someone on the loveseat in the living room.

– Feeling of someone reading over your shoulder in the living room

– Seeing something out of the corner of your eye

– Dogs bark at walls or staircase for no reason.

– Ferrets sit and stare at staircase.

– TV and radio found turned on when no one home during the day.

– Computers have a mind of their own at times.

– Items go missing to turn up in the most unlikely of places … i.e. keys which are normally hung up disappear only to be found later in the washroom shower, look at theĀ UK Shower systems.

– Friend pushed through the shower door … no rugs on the floor at the time

– Living room has a heavy fog like feeling at times.

– Smells of earth, baking and cologne no source found

– Living room is the coldest room in the whole house.

– Late Grandfather’s chair ….anyone who sits in it had reported being poked in the back… almost like someone doesn’t want you sitting in it

– Late Grandmother seen in her bedroom window from outside.

– Man seen coming through a wall in the living room … almost like he was coming up from a dive.

– Myself and 2 others heard a radio coming from the coffee table late one night after everyone was in bed. Sounded like a news broadcast … not captured on tape

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