Which Documents Need for Mudra Loan

Specific documents required for Mudra loans: In addition to generic documents, Mudra loan eligibility documents vary depending on the purpose of using a loan. These are the documents that you must submit for specific purposes. Shishu loans are available for people who need money to start a business. Because startups aren`t supposed to provide proof of income, lenders may not require it. Identity and age documents such as Aadhaar card, passport, voter card, driver`s license can be used as proof of age in Mudra Loan. “MUDRA is a refinancing institution. MUDRA does not grant direct loans to micro-entrepreneurs/individuals. Mudra loans under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) can be claimed from the nearby branch of a bank, NBFC, MFI, etc. Borrowers can now also apply for MUDRA loans online on the Udyamimitra portal (www.udyamimitra.in). To qualify for the Kishore Mudra loan, you must submit an application form along with proof of identity, proof of address, proof of income, proof of existence of a business, and additional documents proving SC/ST/minority, if applicable. Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) lends up to Rs 10 lakh to micro and small enterprises in the non-corporate and non-agricultural sector. To be eligible, applicants must submit certain documents.

Here`s a list of everything you need. An Indian citizen with a business plan under the PMMY for a non-income-generating farm activity would be eligible to apply for a MUDRA loan if their credit requirement is up to ten lakh rupees. Self-addressed proof of address which includes Aadhar card, passport, voter card, bank savings book and utility bill. Business documents include certificates, registration, license and documents confirming the existence and ownership of businesses. Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) is a programme launched by the Honourable Prime Minister on 8 April 2015 to provide loans of up to Rs 10 lakh to small/micro non-agricultural enterprises. The documents required for vehicle loan under the PMMY are listed as follows: Mudra or “Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency” is a refinancing institution that provides loans up to ₹ 10 lakh to micro, small and medium enterprises under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. These loans help small business owners meet their capital needs and operating costs through simple financing programs, and are known as Mudra loans. Individuals can take out a Mudra loan through rural banks, small banks, commercial banks or non-bank financial institutions to start their business, grow the business or buy inventory, etc. without collateral.

The Mudra loan is granted for a variety of purposes that create income and jobs in manufacturing, services, retail and agriculture. Allied activities.मुद्रा ऋण विभिन्न उद्देश्यों के े े े े लिए बढ़ाया गया है निर्माण, सेवाएं, खुदरा और कृषि में आय सृजन और य सृृन और र ोजगार सृजन प्रदान करता है। Yes, businesses must file tax returns for the last 2 years in order to benefit from Mudra loans. Depending on the development phase of the business and the different business requirements, the different types of Mudra credit products are listed as follows. Self-certified proof of identity, Aadhar card, PAN, voter card, passport, driver`s license and valid government-issued photo ID. Documents required for Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana 1) Mudra application form. 2) Car loan application form. 3) 2 color photos in passport format. 4) Proof of photo ID. 5) Proof of address. 6) Proof of income.

7) Account statement (last 6 months) © Copyright 2022 mudra.org.in कॉपीराइट २०२२ mudra.org.in | Contact us: संपर्क: help[at]mudra[dot]org[dot]in |. Loans for small non-corporate and non-agricultural businesses We ask you to try again after a while. If the problem persists, please call our customer service numbers or file a complaint. We do not offer a MUDRA loan. Visit our website to find our other financial services. To take out a Mudra loan, you do not need to provide any guarantee or guarantee from third parties. Note: There are no agents or intermediaries hired by MUDRA to use Mudra Loans. Borrowers are advised to stay away from people posing as MUDRA/PMMY agents/intermediaries.

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