Welcome to the BC Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society. We are BC’s Best Known and Oldest Web-based Established Society devoted to the collection of data pertaining to ghosts and hauntings in British Columbia.  We have been around since 1999 as an independent group and joined the GHRS family in 2000.  BC Ghosts is a proud member of the PSICAN groups and websites.  As part of the PSICAN group, BC Ghosts/BCGHRS do abide by and follow PSICAN’s Rules of Governance.king size sheets

This site contains both reports and stories from all around BC, as well as notes, editorials and tips to ghost researchers.  We take a look into history, folklore, legends, first-hand accounts, and the general study of reported events and experiences thought to be related to ghosts or the unexplained. We cannot and do not offer “help” or any sort of paid services to assist people with perceived experiences or events. Please use the links provided on the following pages to start your journey into the province’s most renowned ghost stories and our own investigations as well as useful information and resources available to all.wow buy gold


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