Blueback Road Experience

Question: have you ever come across a 6 foot tall shadow spirit wearing a
hooded cloak that has a pink glow that wonders along one of the stairs in north Nanaimo that lead to a beach?? I’ve been trying to find any information I can on shadow spirits with a pink glow…. its whole body was glowing only all I could see was this shadow. I could see the outline of the body and the pink glow… but nothing more than that… the spirit was angry towards me, it tried to choke me an attempted to lift me up off my feet by grabbing me by the throat…


The only people that were with me were my two kids and my common law husband/fiancé and they didn’t notice anything the only way I could see this spirit was through my digital camera it didn’t look like he was wearing a hat (the spirit that is) it was definitely a cloak a long old fashion cloak… long hair, had strength strong enough to strangle me and almost paralyze my whole body… my youngest daughter was a little over a year old at the time this had happened an she wasn’t so heavy yet I didn’t have the strength nor the ability to hold her in my arms…  it was terrifying… the location was on the one set of stairs that lead to a beach in the north end of Nanaimo…. near where all the deer and elk roam… it used to have an old fashion wooden home on the left hand of the stairs and on the right hand of the stairs was a cement wall… you know kind of like those wall that the military built an used at war where it looks like a wall of cement bags all cemented together type thing… it was so weird…. whatever or whoever this spirit was it was angry, very angry and powerful at that.

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