The Latest Sham

Latest Sham: Capitalizing on Misfortune and Anxieties

Are you experiencing cold spots in your home?  Are your pets acting strange?  Do you smell strange or obnoxious odours?  Do you feel unusual or strong negative feelings?  Do you feel like you’re not alone?  Are you having difficulty selling your home?

If you answered YES to any of these questions and you feel these issues are concerning and are having difficulty alleviating these issues via the usual channels, please – before you do anything – read the following:

Recently, I came across a website that claims to remove ghosts and spirits from homes.  It begins with a free consultation to see whether or not you have ghosts.  But then for about $100.00 US, they will provide you with a consultation and figure out whether they can do this remotely.  Each additional hour it takes for them to perform this will cost another $100.00.  Onsite visits cost more money still. 

Just last week I was talking to a dear friend of mine who, when we were young adults, experienced the most frightening haunting.  In terror, and with another dear friend, they fled to the nearby Catholic Church (despite not being religious) for help.  Luckily, they were able to assist and they did not charge my friend a dime.  The thing that stuck in my mind was the desperation she demonstrated whilst in the throes of this haunting!  My friend said years later that she was so frightened and so desperate, she would have done ANYTHING to rid herself of this.  Including paying someone who claimed to be able to help her.
This kind of ghost removal for a fee is one of the biggest shams out there.  Some groups like these are unscrupulous and they take advantage of vulnerable people by charging large amounts of money for a service they cannot guarantee, let alone provide evidence of even performing this service. 

I did notice the disclaimer on this particular website that they declare that although they “guarantee the same ghost, or spirit will not return”, they cannot be held responsible if, conveniently, there is “future residency of other spirits”.  It is concerning that one of this group’s members is connected to realty and land development.  The implication then could be made that a returning ghost could be beneficial to this person when they need to find a real steal on a property, hmmmm?

Fortunately, there are alternatives that are healthier to your wallet and more importantly, your peace of mind. 

The first thing you can do is reclaim your home.  Sometimes all that is needed is some communication with your “guests”.  It can help to say out loud that they are scaring you and your family and to stop the unwanted behaviour.  It stands to reason that ghosts are, or were at one time, people too and may be quite reasonable.  We have suggested this to many of our witnesses with pretty good (not always) results.

If you are religious, contact your clergy or church.  They can bless your home and provide counselling.  If you are not a member of a church, you can also contact a Unitarian church for the same request. 

Sage or bless your home yourself.  There is lots of information on the internet on how to do this step by step.  Many people find that the mere ritual helps them feel in a more positive frame of mind.  The sage smoke can provide focus.  It is non denominational and is something you can do yourself if you are comfortable to do so.

The Spiritual Church of Canada can provide assistance as well, again, free of charge (or small donation to their organization).  Theirs is a spiritualistic approach, not necessarily a religious one.


What you choose to do will rely on your comfort level, but by the looks of things, there is something for everyone.  The most important thing to remember is to protect your wallet and your serenity.



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