Surrey Newton Private Residence

Surrey, Newton
I had an experience last night December 27 2011 at 11.20 PM in my home , I  was sleeping when the dog awoke me with barking , As I looked up to see what it was ,I saw a ghostly image of legs walking in the hall past my open bedroom door. I did not see an upper body ( the door is usually closed) The dog immediately jumped off the bed and chased the image , I  followed . nothing was there, I turned on the lights and listened for movement for a few minutes thinking someone had broken into the house. I then went downstairs and found nothing . The dog has barked in this manner before but the bedroom door has always been closed . I dismissed the dogs barking as movement in the attic from squirrels or rodents , But after seeing this image It appears as a ghostly encounter.. Anyway I just wanted to inform you of this experience I had last night.

The door was left open that night , There have been no unexplainable happenings, once or twice the T.V. has turned off by itself . but the dog has acted the same before at night . I thought he may have been hearing something in the attic moving around such as a rodent or squirrel , He also stares at the wall in the living room always the same spot that is below the upstairs hallway.

One morning he walked against the wall in the upstairs hallway of the sighting like something was in his way and he needed to get around it, That was very strange he has never done that before .The upstairs hallway is only approximately 10 feet long.

Sorry I forgot this on my response to your email , There was one unusual  experience I had that I forgot about, I went to bed and I thought the dog had jumped on the bed to sleep with me , I went to pet him and he was not there he was downstairs with the wife , This happened twice to me.

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