North Vancouver Cemetery

North Shore Cemetery

It is not generally our practice to “investigate” cemeteries.  Although many people assume cemeteries are naturally haunted, cemeteries are quite underreported as far as specific hauntings go.  However, we have two reports and one query on this particular cemetery described below. I think the query was prompted by rumour, and some juicy mob stories.  If it weren’t for that, however, I would still be inclined to wonder if there weren’t something odd going on at this particular cemetery due to my own personal experiences as a teenager.

This cemetery is where, as a teen, I had a few of my own strange occurrences.  I did most of my cemetery “hangings out” at an earlier age than some. Having a fascination with death and cemeteries, I would go there in the middle of the day with my best friend who shared the same ghoulish fascination.  It was a pretty cemetery, close to a horse stable, and often we would see riders meandering through the grounds.  We occasionally picnicked there and I even gave her a few driving lessons as it was at a time when I had been driving already for a few years and she was almost due to get her license. It was a perfect area for that, at the end of a no thru road.

It was during one of those driving sessions that we both experienced something decidedly odd.  Years before the recent EVP hype came about, I had seen the movie, The Changeling and decided we would like to see if we could record a ghost.  What better place to do it than at a cemetery as we were still of a mind that a cemetery MUST be haunted.  It was one sunny afternoon, we were recording while driving and when upon playing back the tape, we heard a male voice say, “No!” right after one of us had asked the other a question. It was right around that time when it sounded like something kicked my driver’s door. Hard.  It was a bright day and could see clearly all around us. We were the only ones at the cemetery.  We saw nothing that would indicate something had hit my vehicle.

Months later, we returned with our boyfriends and left a shoebox tape recorder running on a tombstone and left it there for about an hour while we gallivanted elsewhere.  On listening to the recording, you could hear us in the distance drive up and the car doors slam, and then the rustling of leaves as we walked towards the recorder.  Very clearly, we heard a voice not one of our own, seemingly very close to the recorder mic say, "Shhhh, they're coming back!". 

Years later, two personal experiences and two reports prompted us to venture up there to have a look and to try out some new equipment.

We arrived there at 5:30 pm on a warm afternoon in September.  Kevin took these photos right after I felt a buzz in my right ear, and Tracey felt as though her ear was quite rudely tugged.  A third member felt that he picked up on a man who rather felt that women were quite beneath him, and perhaps felt volatile towards females.  This was a very quick sequence of events, happening almost simultaneously and just as quick, Kevin proceeded to snap two photos, in quick order, on a high-end digital camera, which reveals the following interesting shots.  The only thing we have done to these photos is brighten them.  It was still bright in the cemetery at the time of these photos, but because of the trees, the photos turned out quite dark. 



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