Burrill Avenue Cul-de-sac

Burrill Avenue Cul-de-sac

I first moved out on my own in 1989, when I was 18, with a good friend of mine.  It was a one bedroom basement suite on Burrill Avenue in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver.  Since she already lived there, she got the bedroom; I got the sofa bed in the living room.

This would be the most significant event in my life that piqued my interest in ghosts and spirits and tales of hauntings, to the extent that I wish to know more.

One night, I had fallen asleep while lying on my back, reading a book with the book lying on my chest.  I'm not quite sure what woke me up, but I do remember an extremely uncomfortable and scary feeling as I came to, and I jumped out of bed.  Feeling the need to be in the presence of another person, I started down the hallway to my friend's bedroom.  As I did so, she came rushing out, meeting me in the hallway, pale and frightened looking.  We went back into the living room, talking nervously about what woke each of us.  We were confused as to why we felt so uncomfortable.  As we stood there talking, a huge ball of light whooshed by us and through the closed front door.  I don't remember any sound, although there may have been.  The two of us just stood there, stunned.  Then we got dressed as fast as we could and hightailed it to Denny's all-night restaurant, where we stayed until morning. 
Upon our return, although we were nervous, we didn't experience anything else, nor did any other events occur in that basement suite.  

To this day, I cannot think of a reasonable explanation for what happened on Burrill Avenue.  Had we both not seen what we did, I would have chalked most of it up to sleep paralysis, and/or a bad dream. 

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