Blenheim Private Residence

Blenheim & 5th

New to BC, my girlfriend and I moved from a ground level, 2 bedroom basement suite at 5th and Blenheim last year due in part to the following:

–          Constant feelings of dread, pronounced feelings of presences and always being watched


–          Restless sleeps and often terrifying nightmares plus we both experienced the feeling of being unable to move while in bed (awake but frozen) we moved our bedroom to the other room but it made no difference

–          Shadows that took form and moved (think 3 dimensional black smoke), flashes of light and human forms in our peripheral vision

–          Bad smells, like that of rotting meat would appear in different parts of the home for no reason, we would open the windows and light incense and it still would not go away

–          The general feeling of bad energy and despair, generally it was a very negative feeling place, to such a degree that it affected our relationship, we both felt increasingly uncomfortable and edgy there

–          Unexplained noises and sounds from various parts of the house day and night

–          We had several items go missing from the home (e.g. shoes, candle holders) and several items appear in the home (e.g. a 12” rubber ball appeared in the morning after we heard noises coming from the second bedroom during the night, a child’s hat appeared – my girlfriend was certain that there was the spirit of a young girl in the house, she could sense her)

–          Our 2 year old cat would constantly alertly stare at nothing and follow invisible objects across the room that seemed to be in mid-air



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