Hope Visitor Centre

Hope Visitor Centre 

Last month, Brian McKinney, one of the members of the BCGHRS, and also an employee of the Hope Visitor Centre, mentioned to me that one of the other employees had mentioned seeing a gentleman standing in one part of the room.  He was described as wearing 1940s type garb with a winter hat with flaps.

On Friday, October 23rd, we held a casual gathering which included our witness (who is also an employee at the Visitor Centre), a few members of BCGHRS – Brian and Tara McKinney and myself, Helen, the manager of the VC, a special guest that we have been corresponding with regarding her own experiences, and Erin Knutson, a news reporter from the Hope Standard.  It was very cold in the middle part of the building where we decided to hold our meeting,  discussing experiences and hypotheses and what makes the field of the paranormal so interesting, but it seemed the most appropriate spot for our venue.

The Visitor Centre is an old building comprised of three separate sections.  The back part is the old jail cells they used to keep prisoners – mostly the drunk and disorderly (from what we’ve unearthed so far).  In about the mid-50s, they added a courthouse to the jails, and then the jails were used as a holding cell, to keep the prisoners who were about to appear before the judge.  Later, the rest of the building was completed which is very similar to what we see today as the Hope Visitor Centre.   Recently, the courthouse part of the building was turned into a museum, showcasing early life in Hope. 

After a lively and fun discussion, we left a few recording devices running while we went to Tim Hortons for some dinner.  When we returned, it was found that one of the recorders used had only recorded 12 minutes and some seconds before it inexplicitly shut itself off.  Fortunately, there was something extremely interesting within the last two minutes of recording.  We couldn’t figure it out at first, although the sound was quite familiar to all of us.  When we checked out the corner of the room, it was discovered that there was an item on the table that was set up for a poker game that sounded very similar to what we heard on the recording – a deck of old cards.   Listen for yourself.  


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