Trail Journal Entry 4


You know that sound a cats claws make on carpeting when they walk. That snagging, almost static sound? My 12-year-old cat gets her claws caught on the carpeting in our bedroom all the time. That is the only place in the house with carpeting except for the basement. On the other floors in the house, she makes a clicking sound when she walks. We usually know when they need to be clipped by the sound. We don’t do it as often as we should because she hates it. Well, she often comes into the bedroom at night when I have gone to bed and she will come up on the bed to mush with me while I lay there and watch TV. Usually I hear her come into the room because of the sound she makes walking on the carpeting. Quite a few times, I would hear her come in and I would talk to her but she doesn’t come up on the bed. I can hear her go around the foot of the bed and then up towards my husband’s side of the bed, which is farthest from the door. I sometimes lean over and look on the floor of my side of the bed to see if she’s just sitting there or I figured she decided to lie under the bed instead which she has done before.

One night, between 7:30pm and 8pm while I was watching Entertainment Tonight Canada, I don’t have cable so that is the only channel I get, I heard her come in. I heard the snagging static sound as she came onto the carpeting by the door. I started talking to her, expecting her to come up. Nope, the snagging static sound continued along the foot of the bed and over up along the side of the bed my husband sleeps on. This whole time I am listening and talking to her. I finally got tired of calling her to come up onto the bed. I figured she had crawled under the bed on my husband’s side so I leaned over my side of the bed to see if she had come out from under the bed on my side and I was going to do the same thing on hubbys side of the bed after. That’s when I saw her (KitKat), down at the far end of the hallway. She was walking from the entry way connected to the laundry room across into the kitchen. She wasn’t even anywhere near the bedroom. I called my husband who was in the living room, not far from our bedroom a couple times but I knew I wasn’t being loud enough because he didn’t hear me. I didn’t want to sound panicked (I was a bit) and start yelling for Wes (my husband). The next morning he said he heard me calling the cat quite a few times and then heard me talking but thought I was talking to the cat and didn’t hear me calling him. He was playing a video game so he couldn’t really hear much. Thought it was just the cat and me. He thought wrong.

I lay back down and stared straight ahead at the TV. I am trying to focus and not panic. All this time it wasn’t the cat, I am thinking. How many times was it not the cat? It wasn’t just at night either when I thought it was her coming into the bedroom if I was busy doing something or changing. Funny thing is something felt odd every time. Every time at night I would fall to sleep not long after I would hear what I thought was the cat coming into the room when it probably wasn’t her after all. However, it felt more as if I was struggling, fighting against being drugged to sleep. I am not saying I was drugged. I am just saying that it felt like I had been drugged and I would struggle to stay awake but couldn’t. Kind of like when you are being put to sleep for an operation. I didn’t know what to do except start talking.

I said something to the effect of, you shouldn’t be here. Only the good are allowed here, I don’t want any bad. You need to leave you can’t be here. Aloud and clear, as if someone was standing in the bedroom with me and if Wes had been in there he would have heard it too. I was asked a question. The question asked aloud was “Why?” The guys voice was young sounding; I would say early 20’s and his voice sounded disappointed with a bit of a whine to it. He wanted to know why I wanted him to leave. I froze and kept staring ahead at the TV. All I could think was, okay, he asked me a question and I guess the polite thing to do is answer him. So, I did. I said, while still staring ahead at the TV, You just really shouldn’t be here (I was meaning in my bedroom mostly) and besides I am really tired and just want to sleep through the night for a change. Then I rolled over, with my eyes closed facing where he was at my hubbys side of the bed and just laid there, listening. I felt that drugged feeling I mentioned earlier coming on and the next thing I know its morning and I slept through the night, which was nice. I told Wes the next morning what happened. He didn’t know what to think, he heard me calling the cat and heard me talking and thought it was the cat, didn’t hear me calling him but I was pretty quiet once I realized what was going on. I picked up that he wasn’t a threat; I think it was the same guy who ran in front of me before, played with the lights, TV and radio, stuff like that. I don’t know where he came from; he was just here in the house one day. Everyone in the household had some sort of experience with him, even the cat. There is a lot more to this story obviously than what I am putting in here, I figure that is a sit down together, have tea and snacks kind of conversation. He was annoying at times but I knew he was harmless. I think he liked me, which is so weird. I had realized after that incident that he must have been coming into the bedroom when I was laying in bed watching TV at night and watching TV with me. This is where I have a problem with this. My bedroom and bathroom are out of bounds for the others.

This isn’t the first time, doubt it will be the last time I have this experience. I have to admit it is pretty cool that I can hear them out loud. I don’t hear voices in my head like some people say they do. Only voice I hear in my head is my own thoughts, period.


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